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"One thing I respect over all else is walking your talk. My friends Jeannie and Jody (& WVP Team) and their crew always step up. Here’s just one of the many things they do to care for our Vets, Thanksgiving Dinner.

If you and your family are honoring a vet who’s missing from your table this year, please consider a donation to this organization - Wounded Veterans Project Inc. Every penny goes to where it’s needed most, our heroes and their families."

-Dan Tracey of Alan Parsons Project

Hi Friends,

My name is, Jeannie Miller. I am the founder and creator of the non-profit, Wounded Veterans Project Inc.

My team and I strive to make a difference to ALL Veterans.

We want to be there to help our heroes! Not just Combat Veterans but ALL Veterans.

We are a small local (CT) nonprofit but we have done some amazing things over the years like; helping Vet with home fire, paying medical bills, Veteran dinners, Covid relief, Sending 75 slippers to VA Home, purchasing a wig for a vet in need, sending home cleaners to Vets home, plowing driveway during winter, helping with a home flood, paying mortgage/rent, etc.... Just look at some of the Vets we have helped here....

I have been told many times that people feel our nonprofit is their nonprofit! our community is very involved.

Many ask....."HOW CAN I HELP?"

Find us Veterans in Need

Get on our committee of volunteers!


Sponsor our fundraisers or help find sponsors (ex. your work)

Attend our fundraisers.

Share our posts.


Check out our website!

Thanks for your time.

WVP Team


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