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Transitioning Servicemembers Cheat Sheet

WVP's Ambassador Program

Help Us, Help Vets

WVP is seeking Ambassador's in all states throughout America!

We are based out of CT and now we are ready to grow and help more Vets!

Are you passionate about helping Veterans?

Are you a leader? 

Do you have time to volunteer to help spread our cause?

You will be the leader in taking our mission throughout your state.

Running fundraisers, enlisting volunteers to help you, finding Veterans in need and getting them to apply for assistance. I am working on the guidelines and will have them available soon so if you are interested in knowing more then register here and I will get the details to you as soon as I complete them.

When you register, please tell us WHY we should pick YOU to be our Ambassador. Tell us about yourself. Tell us why you want to be our Ambassador, why you want to help us, help Veterans.


WVP means everything to us so we have to make sure we pick the right person. We are looking for someone who will LOVE our nonprofit, and our Vets, as if it was your own. WVP gives 100% of proceeds raised directly to helping Vets (we do not get paid) so this is strictly a volunteer position. What you get back from doing this, money can't provide. It is extremely rewarding to help our Veterans who have given up so much for all of us!

Thanks for submitting!

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