Hi Friends,

My name is, Jeannie Miller. I am the founder of Wounded Veterans Project Inc.

Combat Veterans are those that served in a combat zone during their military service. I am married to one and know the struggles they go through. These Veterans have fought in combat and have been through things and seen things we can not comprehend. It is our mission to help these brave soldiers. (Since we started, we have opened up help to any Veteran, not just combat.)


Coming home is not always easy for them.

Coming home doesn't mean their war is over.

For some Combat Veterans it means a NEW battles BEGINS!


We, at Wounded Veterans Project Inc., want to be there to help.

Thank you!

WVP Team

Jeannie, Erica and Jody


Meet The Team


Jeannie Miller


"Help Us,

Help Veterans"


Jody Millett

Board Member &

Combat Veteran

"I Got Your 6!"


Erica Rozanski,

Board Member & Owner of The Shamrock Cafe, Suffield CT

"Care with Us!"

Some of Our Amazing Supporters
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