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A Veterans Christmas Wish

Christmas Decorations

Merry Christmas from WVP!

This holiday we want to make our Veteran's Christmas Wish Come True!

Veteran's OR someone who wishes to nominate a Veteran's wish (as a surprise) please apply below. Keep in mind WVP is a small nonprofit. While playing Santa, we wish we could put a Vet in a new home/car/etc, we just can't afford to so perhaps a mortgage payment instead. 

Try to keep your wish under $1000.


We welcome ALL wishes. Please be creative and we will do what we can.  

Why are we doing this? To THANK our amazing Veterans for all they have done for us!


This is not a "need" this is a gift of thanks! 


Wounded Veterans Project Inc.

Got Your Six


Thanks for submitting!


Founder of WVP,

Jeannie Miller

Merry Christmas!!!!

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