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American Flags

Help Us, Help Veterans!!!


This program is similar to You’ve Been Flocked, except we use many American Flags. 

You will be responsible to:


1. Pick a week (or more) you wish to pick up and put down American flags in someones yard.


2. Begin your week. Put down your first group of flags (when it’s dark out) at a home with a WVP sign and some paperwork. The homeowner will notice flags in the morning. The paperwork will tell the homeowner why the flags are there and ask for a donation to our 501c3 to help Veterans. It is our hopes the homeowner will make a donation and give us the next home address to put the flags down.


3. The next night, you go back and get flags (snap a picture of the flags in the yard for WVP), collect money, and put flags at the next designated location. And so on, for a week (or longer if you choose).


People are always asking us how they can help WVP. Well here is one way. 


Thank you!!!!

You've Been Flagged




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