Some of the Veterans We Have Helped

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Hanson Family


"Words cannot express the way that Wounded Veterans Project has helped me and my family make a very critical move in life due to the pandemic. We lost our home in one state that we were renting all of the sudden and didn't have any emergency money to do it. We frantically searched for help and support. We finally ran across the Wounded Veterans Project and they made it happen for us. We didn't get the moon and the stars but we got what we needed to pack up and move to a more affordable state and as of now we are ok again. God bless the folks of the Wounded Veterans Project." - Ryan Hans


Rocky Hill Veterans Home


WVP sent them 75 pairs of slippers to help keep Veterans warm and comfortable.

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Messier Family


"On January 21, 2021 our family home burned down and all was lost. I was completely devastated about this but what made it worse was that my husband was away for training, we have a 2.5 year old daughter, and I am 7 1/2 months pregnant. Within a day of the fire, my husband was contacted by Jeannie and told about her organization, The Wounded Veterans Project. She reached out wanting to help my family with financial and physical needs. Jeannie later contacted me to inform me that a check was in the mail, and I received it within a week. We are so grateful for the generous donation from The Wounded Veterans Project and will use that to rebuild our new home. We are thankful for the kind people that exist in this world and will pay it forward to others in need." -Melissa Messier

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Persian Gulf Memorial


We were one of the sponsors that helped fund this beautiful memorial.




Sometimes in life we face different challenges. When we are going through tough situations, we need someone to be kind and extend their helping hand. I am a Combat Veteran and  many of us sometimes don’t have many people around us who are willing to help for whatever reason that may be. This is what I went through when the Pandemic hit at the beginning of 2020. I was struggling and having to decide between feeding my children or paying rent and other bills. I was not being able to go to work as we were in quarantine and my children were fully remote. The great people of the leasing office where I live suggested I could reach out to Jeannie Miller. This sweet lady helped with my rent payment, and alleviated my situation. The process was quick and easy and I will be forever grateful for this organization. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. -Jen and kids


Peircy's Family


We cannot say thank you enough for how truly humbled we are at the generosity your organization has shown us.  2020 was a rough year for everyone.  Thanks to your Wounded Veterans Project we were able to give our children a wonderful Christmas and not have to stress about utility bills and medical bills that were overwhelming us.  The process was smooth and Jeannie was a blessing to work with.  It's great to know that there is somewhere to turn to when things get hard.  


Kowalczik Family

May 2021


I have said this many times before:


When you serve, its about the person standing next to you and this should not change just because we no longer wear the uniform, and Wounded Veterans Project, Inc. did just that.


On 22 April, my dog Bean was rushed to the emergency room for the second time this month. He was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA). It is a disease where the immune system destroys the body’s red blood cells. IMHA is a very treatable disease and up to 75% of dogs can recover with the right treatment plan, however this disease is extremely dangerous and variable, with no predictability. While the doctors were confident with a treatment plan, the amount of time before Bean’s body reacts to the medications was a guessing game and the treatments are expensive. The two things we needed most were patience and money.


With me being out of work due to Covid, I had plenty of one and not enough of the other.


When Wounded Veterans Project learned about Bean, they reached out to me and offered to help right away with a very generous $500 donation towards his treatment bill. I didn’t know about this organization and while I am a Veteran, I am not a wounded or a combat Veteran, yet they still offered to help, without question. For them, they didn’t care about the uniform or how dirty it was, it was about the person standing next to them and I am forever grateful for that.


As I write this, Bean is still recovering, but he is home. He is home because of so many generous people, like Jeannine Miler and the Wounded Veterans Project for helping us with the costs of Bean’s treatment. It’s nice to know that there are people and organizations out there who can help when you need it the most.


This has been a very humbling experience to have to ask others for help to pay the vet bill, but it has also showed us the importance and the joy of giving back and helping others.


Semper Fi

Chris Kowalczik


Michael Kilty

US Navy


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Wounded Veterans Project and Jeannie Miller for all they’ve done for my father. He just turned 101 this year and isn’t able to do a lot around the house or in the yard and it’s been a little lonely for him with the pandemic. Jeannie arranged a drive by parade that had many veterans, towns folk, neighbors, policemen and firefighters. They all came by honking and waiving with the American flags proudly waiving. Some folks even brought him momentous, cards, posters, balloons and candy. He was so overjoyed with the parade and a form of human contact during the pandemic. WVP also asked people to correspond with him and he received many cards, letters and children’s drawing that continued to brighten his day as he received them. Not only that, WVP has offered assistance with absorbing the cost for tree trimming (still trying to convince him) and has been paying for his snow removal for the past few years. This also helps me tremendously because I work full time and can’t always get there. WVP is a godsend and my father and our family are forever grateful for all they do!!


Donald Whitehouse


July 2021


In 1977, I started my military career in the Marine Corp Airwing . After attending aircraft schools I trained to become a plane captain on AV8A Harrier Jets. My first duty station Marine Corp Air Station Cherry Point squadron VMA-542.My next duty station I was transferred to squadron VMA-513 in Marine Corp Air Station Yuma AZ. Spent 10 months deployment  aboard the USS Tripoli on a West-Pac cruise launching Marine fighters off her flight deck .                                                                                                                                      I I have participated in many fundraisers for the Wounded Veterans Project. Its heartwarming to see the good they do, and I was happy to be part of it. Little did I know that Wounded Veterans Project would be helping me .             

On  July 17, 2021 I was involved in a bad motorcycle accident. I spent many weeks in a coma and ICU and 3+ weeks at a rehabilitation hospital. The bills were extensive added up quickly.                                                                                                                                                      When I got home Wounded Veterans Project had given me a monetary gift to help with the bills. To all that signed my HUGE get well card. Thank you, it lifted my spirit. This Organization has a huge heart and doing good for veterans. Thank you all for participating in these fundraisers. 




Raymond Dudley


Testimonial Coming Soon but here are some details....

Veteran Ray Dudley’s home suffered a roofing issue during very heavy rainstorms in October.  This caused significant damage to the interior of the house. WVP stepped up and helped pay to fix damage.


I offer heartfelt appreciation to you and the Wounded Veterans Project.  Your dedication and commitment to the ideals of your organization are an inspiration.  


I have faced one discouraging challenge after another regarding my right to receive this benefit from the VA.  A while ago the Secretary of the VA said that the VA will be more welcoming to women veterans but with this great bureaucracy, improvements have been slow.  I'm not finished in this fight for self-esteem, confidence and the quality of life that we women veterans deserve.  Thank you so much for providing this for me and realizing the struggle is real.  You have brought a bit of sunshine to my life.


I am grateful and humbled by your service to veterans.  

However, I would like to remain anonymous.  

(FYI, Wounded Veterans Project helped purchase this Veteran a wig due to medical conditions)

Agawam Veteran Cemetery

WVP donated 10 wreaths to be placed on Veterans stones. 


Rockville Lodge of Elks


I would like to take this time to thank the Wounded Veterans Project for your generous donation to our lodge.


On November 18, 2021 our lodge hosted a luncheon for our veterans.  Besides providing a warm meal we also donated gift cards to the veterans.  We also provided gift bags that consisted of toiletries, socks, hats, gloves, and more.


Rockville Lodge of Elks #1359 can not thank you enough for your donation.  We are looking forward to the Wounded Veterans Project to be part of more of our community projects in helping our veterans. 





Pat Carroll

Veterans Committee Chairman


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