Prince Gary

by Jeannie Miller

**As of 10/3/22, ANY books that are purchased, I will donate the net proceeds to in honor of my dear friend, Tammy Alberts, who passed on 9/14/22 from cancer.

I miss you so much Tam!!!!!

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This book is about my late husband, Gary Poland. He died on 9-19-08 from cancer at the age of 47. Gary was such a kind and compassionate man, everyone who knew him, loved him dearly. From the time he was diagnosed until he died (5 months later) I was with him every single day taking care of him and loving him.


I promised Gary that I would one day try to get his story out there to the world, a story of...


"loving longer, hugging harder, touching softer, talking sweeter and forgiving faster."


Gary passed away with my head on his chest as he took his last breath. I have made it my mission to try and continue to spread Gary's messages of love, compassion and forgiveness even in his death. His story is one you will never forget!!!


A story of how to live while you still have the chance!!!