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Blind Date with K.

State- MA

Here is a great guy for you ladies!!!!

We have ourselves a Combat VETERAN!!!!!!!!

Take if from me, who married a combat Veteran, this is the way to go!!!

You can thank me later!!


I know how tough it can be out there. "K" has his shit together.

He has a great job!

Owns his home.

Has 2 mid teens but very good kids

Love dogs! HE LOVES DOGS!!!!! That right there is enough!

He's not on dating sites but he's allowing me to see what I can do for him!

Do you like to ride????? If so, this is a BONUS! K love motorcycles. And I don't mean the ones that speed down highways and act like jerks. We are talking about beautiful country rides.

He likes to travel.

Summer weekend rides.

Discovering new places and food! FOOD LADIES, YESSS, he is a foodie!!!!

Live music local and streamline bands.

He is a family guy! His friends are important to him as well.

His age range is 40-54 & he is looking for the same. See ladies, he didn't come to me and ask for a 23 year old! This man isn't messing around!!!

He also likes to hike,

works out,

like the outdoors.

And another bonus......Drug Free!


1. You better be 100% single!

2. You must be drug free

If interested, comment to him!!!! He is watching!

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Sam B

1 comentario

Beautiful! Very interested! Where in Mass?

Me gusta
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