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Blind Date with B

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

State- MA

Conservative woman between 50-60 seeking a like-minded conservative man to get to know better! She has got her shit together so ONLY MEN that are the same can respond! Now I know men between their 50-60's know how to be a gentleman so I am excited to see who might be interested! Have I piqued your interest? If so then keep reading....

She likes to ski, kayak, hike...outside stuff! She isn't a bore!!!! And she is pretty! She loves the ocean. She has 3 grown adult kids and she is ready for the next chapter!

Someone to enjoy life with!

She isn't all about benjamin's, she can take care of herself but enjoys a little chivalry!

No, I am not sharing her pic! Trust me, she is pretty but I want you to think with your mind and not your "eyes!" They don't call it a blind date for nothing! Just take a chance!!

IF you are interested in chatting with her, comment here with something witty that will get her attention....she is watching! She will reach out to you if she chooses to do so.


1. You better be 100% single!

2. IF you are lucky enough to take her out on a date.... the first date... you better pay (and that is MY RULE, not her's)! It is just the classy gentleman thing to do! But the man who is going to respond to this....already knows that!!!!

3. If you know the sidewalk rule, then you are the man to respond!

Ready?????? GO.......

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Sam B

3 comentarios

Hi B. While we cannot go on an amazing Kayaking trip now , I would enjoy spending time getting to know you.. Where in Mass. do you live? I am in Fairfield CT!

Me gusta
Contestando a

Nice! Not to far! What is keeping you busy now?

Me gusta
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