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Hi Everyone!

My name is Jeannie Miller. I am the owner of

Good Luck looking through the profiles and pics! I hope someone peeks your interest! It is my intent that you find someone of interest and them meet them in person and have a chance to talk at one of my Speed Dating Events!

If you are interested in meeting someone sooner than that or you can't attend my Speed Dating events (coming 2020) then, if your a guy, fill out The Bachelor info at

If you are a girl...hang tight, I am working on your page and will have it up and running soon.

Once I have collected enough profiles and have found a suitable match for you,

I will reach out to you and a fee will be applies to receive your matches.

Keep in mind,

this is VERY NEW to my website as of 12/17/19.

I am just now collecting names and seeking singles.

So give it time for people to put up their profiles and for there to be enough people to chose from. Eventually we will get there. That is the reason why I am holding off on any fees to start. I want to be fair.

I can't wait to host my first Speed Dating event and find you some wonderful matches!

Who knows, maybe you will find LOVE!



Jeannie M.

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